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Changing tides

Q3 2016 Market Outlook

2016 has been a year of surprises. Oil traded at $26 a barrel, the Canadian dollar touched 68 cents. China weakness sidelined the Fed, the UK voted to leave the EU. Oh, and Trump is actually running for President. Sure, lots of bumps along the way but as we transition through the summer doldrums, markets have actually been rather kind. It has been nearly impossible to lose money in bonds, equities are a bit mixed but have been rather pleasant in North America. 

With a little less than half a year to go in 2016, let’s share our thoughts on what might surprise us in the coming quarters.  

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2016 - The year of surprises
A closer look at the first half of 2016 and what transpired.

Monetary Policy, I would like to introduce you to Fiscal Policy
After years of just monetary efforts to foster growth, we are now seeing fiscal stimulus. This has implications.

Risk of a taper tantrum
Low yields have increased interest rate risk to unprecedented levels in some pockets of the bond and equity markets.

Return of earnings growth
After almost two years, earnings growth has returned.

How low can you go?
A look at negative yields around the world and policy implications.

Currency implications
Big headwinds for the Canadian Dollar.

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